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Jun 14, 2020

Weekends In the Park - Community and Society - Holidays and Seasonal Events

Welcome to Weekends In the Park, your go-to destination for community events and seasonal celebrations. We are proud to present our specialty offering - $5 Cosmos Martinis. Indulge in a unique mixology experience like never before!

Unravel the Cosmic Delights

At Weekends In the Park, we strive to provide an exceptional atmosphere where friends and family can come together and celebrate. Our $5 Cosmos Martinis will transport you into a world of cosmic delight. Sip on these perfectly-crafted cocktails while experiencing the vibrant energy of our community.

Whether you're a martini connoisseur or a curious cocktail enthusiast, our Cosmos Martinis are guaranteed to leave an everlasting impression. The fusion of premium ingredients and expert mixology techniques come together to create a symphony of flavors in every sip.

Immerse Yourself in Our Community Events

Join us for a series of exciting community events and seasonal celebrations. Weekends In the Park takes pride in organizing events that bring people together and foster a sense of belonging. Our $5 Cosmos Martinis serve as the cherry on top of these remarkable experiences.

From holiday carnivals to themed parties, our community events cater to people of all ages. Witness the magic unfold as our extraordinary event planners meticulously curate a range of activities, entertainment, and of course, tantalizing food and beverages.

An Unforgettable Holiday Experience

During the holiday season, Weekends In the Park transforms into a magical wonderland. We believe in making the festivities truly memorable for our visitors. Indulge in the enchanting atmosphere, adorned with beautiful lights, decorations, and joyful music.

With $5 Cosmos Martinis in hand, you'll feel the holiday spirit like never before. Immerse yourself in our winter wonderland and create joyful memories with your loved ones. Whether it's Christmas, New Year's Eve, or any other seasonal celebration, Weekends In the Park is the ultimate destination.

Discover Your Passion for Martinis

Weekends In the Park is not just a place to enjoy $5 Cosmos Martinis; it's an opportunity to discover your passion for mixology. Our expert bartenders are always willing to share their knowledge and help you explore new flavors and techniques.

Join our mixology workshops, where professionals guide you through the art of crafting the perfect martini. Learn the tricks of the trade, experiment with various ingredients, and create your own signature cocktails. Unleash your inner bartender and impress your friends at your next gathering!


Weekends In the Park is your one-stop destination for community gatherings, seasonal celebrations, and of course, the best $5 Cosmos Martinis. Immerse yourself in the vibrant atmosphere and explore the cosmic delights that await you.

Join us and let the magic of Weekends In the Park captivate your senses. Create unforgettable memories, meet like-minded individuals, and sip on exquisite cocktails that truly reflect the essence of our community.

Dimitris Frossinis
$5 Cosmos Martinis - a cosmic delight you don't want to miss! Cheers to mixology excellence!
Nov 11, 2023
Yvette Londono
I'm excited for the community events and especially looking forward to trying those $5 Cosmos Martinis.
Oct 3, 2022
John Angelo
Count me in for some seasonal celebrations and the $5 Cosmos Martinis! Can't wait for the fun!
Sep 6, 2022
I'm excited to check out the events and indulge in the $5 Cosmos Martinis. What a great combination!
Apr 24, 2022
Jean Gardelle
I'm intrigued by the promise of $5 Cosmos Martinis. Looking forward to the experience!
Mar 6, 2022
Lisa Perry
Cosmos Martinis at only $5? That's a steal! Can't wait to join in on the fun.
Feb 14, 2022
Ben Young
I'm always up for seasonal celebrations, and $5 Cosmos Martinis are the perfect addition!
Jan 14, 2022
Adam Corey
A community event with $5 Cosmos Martinis? I'm all in for a delightful weekend.
Nov 30, 2021
Michael Romer
Looking forward to sipping on some delicious Cosmos Martinis while enjoying community events.
Sep 27, 2021
Space C8db70bb-98b6-46a6-98b6-F16717268bb9
I love a good community event with affordable drinks. Count me in for the Cosmos Martinis! 🍸
Sep 16, 2021
Rainer Holzwarth
What a fantastic deal for a specialty martini! I'll definitely be stopping by to enjoy one.
Jul 11, 2021
Glen Maple
Cheers to community and affordable martinis! Count me in for a great time.
Jul 10, 2021
Nick Frattaroli
Affordable martinis in a community setting? Sounds like a must-visit destination for the weekend.
Apr 7, 2021
Claudio Licci
Looking forward to sipping on some delicious Cosmos Martinis and enjoying the community events.
Apr 6, 2021
Lin Sun
The $5 Cosmos Martinis are definitely calling my name! Can't wait to try them at the community event.
Mar 29, 2021
Yousef Khan
Sounds like a great way to unwind on the weekends! Can't wait to try those $5 Cosmos Martinis.
Jan 18, 2021
Jennifer Adams
A unique mixology experience for $5? Sounds like a perfect way to spend the weekend.
Oct 13, 2020