News and Events for Sherman, Illinois

Feb 10, 2020

Stay Connected with Weekends In the Park

Welcome to the vibrant community of Sherman, Illinois! Weekends In the Park is delighted to bring you the latest news and events happening in our beautiful town. We strive to provide an unmatched entertainment experience for residents and visitors alike.

Upcoming Events

Discover a wide range of exciting events planned by Weekends In the Park. From seasonal celebrations to community gatherings, there is always something for everyone. Mark these dates on your calendar:

1. Annual Summer Picnic - Celebrating Unity

Join us on July 4th at Central Park for an unforgettable summer picnic! Immerse yourself in a day filled with family-friendly activities, delicious food stalls, live music, and a mesmerizing fireworks display in the evening. Don't miss out on this fantastic opportunity to connect with your neighbors and enjoy the summer sunshine.

2. Fall Harvest Festival - Embrace the Season

As autumn paints the town in vibrant colors, Weekends In the Park invites you to our Fall Harvest Festival. Indulge in the festive spirit with pumpkin carving contests, hayrides, a farmer's market, and much more. Join us on October 15th and experience the charm of the season while creating lasting memories with your loved ones.

3. Winter Wonderland - Enchantment for All

When the snow blankets our town, Weekends In the Park transforms into a Winter Wonderland. Strap on your ice skates and glide across our beautifully crafted ice rink. Enjoy holiday-themed performances, sip hot cocoa by the fire, and explore the magical holiday lights that adorn our park. Winter Wonderland opens its doors on December 1st and promises a whimsical experience like no other.

Community Engagements

We believe in fostering strong community bonds through various engaging events. At Weekends In the Park, we continuously work towards creating an inclusive environment where everyone can come together and celebrate the spirit of togetherness.

1. Monthly Music in the Park

Immerse yourself in the melodious tunes of local bands and talented musicians during our Monthly Music in the Park series. Grab your picnic blankets, set up a cozy spot under the stars, and let the music fill the air. Join us every second Saturday of the month from May to September for an enchanting evening.

2. Farmers' Market - Fresh and Flavorful

Discover the abundance of locally grown produce and delicious treats at our farmers' market. Indulge in the vibrant colors and fragrant aromas of fresh fruits, vegetables, homemade jams, bakery items, and more. Support local farmers and artisans every Saturday morning from June to October.

Volunteer Opportunities

Weekends In the Park greatly values the contributions of our dedicated volunteers. Join our committed team and make a positive impact while enjoying the satisfaction of giving back to your community.

1. Park Cleanup Day

Help us keep our park pristine and welcoming by participating in our Park Cleanup Day. This annual event brings together individuals of all ages to maintain the cleanliness and beauty of our beloved park. Together, we can create a safe and enjoyable environment for everyone.

2. Event Support

Be part of the magic behind the scenes by volunteering for event support. Assist with event setup, coordination, and engaging with attendees. Experience the excitement firsthand and forge lasting friendships along the way.


Weekends In the Park is committed to enhancing the quality of life for Sherman residents. Through our wide array of events and community engagements, we strive to create cherished memories and foster a strong sense of unity. Join us in celebrating the beauty and spirit of Sherman, Illinois, and be part of the vibrant tapestry that makes our town truly special.

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