Mavis Staples records Live: Hope at the Hideout

Mar 25, 2023

Experience the Power of Music and Community

Join us at Weekends In the Park as we proudly present Mavis Staples, the legendary soul and gospel singer, recording her mesmerizing live album, Hope at the Hideout. Prepare yourself for a soul-stirring evening filled with incredible music and a strong sense of community bonding that will leave you uplifted and inspired.

A Living Legend in Performance

Mavis Staples has been an influential figure in the music industry for over six decades. From her early days as a member of The Staple Singers to her successful solo career, Mavis Staples has consistently captivated audiences with her powerful voice and meaningful lyrics.

Live: Hope at the Hideout is a milestone in her illustrious career, capturing the raw emotion and dynamic energy of a live performance. Be prepared to witness Mavis Staples at the peak of her talent, invoking an unforgettable connection between artist and audience.

An Unforgettable Evening of Music

Weekends In the Park is honored to host this extraordinary event. Situated in the heart of our community, our venue provides the perfect ambiance for an incredible evening of music and celebration. As the sun sets and the stage lights come to life, you'll be transported into a world where music transcends boundaries and unites people from all walks of life.

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Discover the Magic of Weekends In the Park

At Weekends In the Park, we believe in the transformative power of music and its ability to create memorable experiences. Our commitment to showcasing incredible musicians like Mavis Staples is rooted in our desire to bring people together, fostering a sense of belonging, and creating lasting connections within our community.

By attending Mavis Staples records Live: Hope at the Hideout, you'll be part of something truly exceptional. Join us and be enveloped in the warmth and passion of Mavis Staples' performance as her soulful voice resonates through the Hideout. Prepare to be moved by the genuine connection between the artist and the audience, and leave with a renewed sense of hope and inspiration.

Secure Your Spot Today

Don't miss your chance to witness this one-of-a-kind event. Join us at Weekends In the Park to experience Mavis Staples records Live: Hope at the Hideout. Purchase your tickets now and get ready for an evening that will touch your heart and leave you with memories to cherish for a lifetime.

Make Your Mark in History

By attending Mavis Staples' live recording, you become a part of musical history. From the electric atmosphere to the incredible performances, the magic that unfolds at the Hideout will create a permanent place in your heart. Join us as we celebrate the power of music, the strength of community, and the unwavering hope that binds us all.

Marsha Dieckman
🎵 Wow, what an amazing opportunity to witness the legendary Mavis Staples recording her live album, "Hope at the Hideout"! 🙌🎶 I can't wait to experience the power of her soulful voice and be part of the uplifting sense of community bonding. It's events like these that remind us of the magic of music and coming together as one. Count me in for this soul-stirring evening! 🎤💫
Nov 11, 2023
Wesley Hacker
Excited to be part of this unforgettable event featuring Mavis Staples recording her mesmerizing live album!
Oct 24, 2023
Kim. Brown
This event is a perfect opportunity to experience the emotional depth of Mavis Staples' music while enjoying the sense of community.
Oct 13, 2023
Ashley Furst
Anticipating an incredible evening of soulful music and a strong sense of community with Mavis Staples' live recording at the Hideout.
Aug 27, 2023
Raymond Fraser
Mavis Staples' music has the power to uplift and inspire. Looking forward to the soul-stirring evening ahead! 🎶
Jun 10, 2023
Tara Sadooghi
I expect Mavis Staples' live recording at the Hideout to be nothing short of extraordinary. Count me in!
May 18, 2023
Pietro Romeo
The combination of Mavis Staples' exceptional talent and the sense of community at Weekends In the Park will create a truly special atmosphere.
May 16, 2023
Barry Silber
Mavis Staples' soulful voice combined with the ambiance of the Hideout promises an extraordinary musical experience.
May 3, 2023
Shobana Karthik
Mavis Staples' live recording at the Hideout is a not-to-be-missed experience. I'm thrilled to be a part of it!
May 2, 2023
John Stone
I can't wait to experience the magic of Mavis Staples live at the Hideout! It's going to be a phenomenal night.
Apr 26, 2023
Rickie Dean
I've been eagerly anticipating this live recording. Mavis Staples never fails to deliver an unforgettable performance.
Apr 21, 2023
Carla Neiderhiser
The Hideout is the perfect venue for Mavis Staples to capture the essence of her music. Can't wait for this recording!
Apr 19, 2023
Looking forward to immersing myself in the soulful melodies and powerful lyrics of Mavis Staples at the Hideout.
Apr 3, 2023