July 2022: Annabelle Dunstan and Lily Szymanksi

Jul 26, 2018

Welcome to Weekends In the Park! Join us this July 2022 for an exciting lineup of events featuring the incredible talents of Annabelle Dunstan and Lily Szymanksi. Get ready for a month filled with fun, entertainment, and unforgettable experiences.

Event Details

Mark your calendars for an unforgettable month of July as we bring you the best of community and society - holidays and seasonal events. Annabelle Dunstan and Lily Szymanksi will take center stage and captivate audiences with their extraordinary performances and talents.

Annabelle Dunstan

Annabelle Dunstan, a renowned singer and songwriter, will grace our stage on several occasions throughout the month of July. Her enchanting voice and captivating stage presence have won the hearts of millions around the world. Annabelle's performances will showcase a mix of her classic hits as well as new and unreleased songs. Prepare to be mesmerized by her soulful melodies and heartfelt lyrics.

Lily Szymanksi

Joining Annabelle Dunstan is the talented and virtuosic pianist, Lily Szymanksi. Lily's performances are a perfect blend of technical brilliance and emotional depth. Her ability to effortlessly bring out a wide range of emotions through her music is truly remarkable. Experience the magic as Lily takes you on a musical journey like no other.

Event Schedule

Plan your visit to Weekends In the Park and make the most of July 2022 with the following schedule of events:

  • Date: July 1, 2022
  • Time: 7:00 PM
  • Event: Annabelle Dunstan Live in Concert

Experience the raw talent and energy of Annabelle Dunstan as she brings her electrifying live performance to the stage. Sing along to her greatest hits and lose yourself in the magic of her music.

  • Date: July 15, 2022
  • Time: 6:30 PM
  • Event: Lily Szymanksi Solo Piano Performance

Prepare to be amazed as Lily Szymanksi showcases her virtuosity and musicianship in a mesmerizing solo piano performance. Let her music take you on a journey of emotions and leave you wanting more.

Additional Events and Activities

In addition to the mesmerizing performances by Annabelle Dunstan and Lily Szymanksi, Weekends In the Park offers a wide range of activities and events for visitors of all ages. During July 2022, you can enjoy:

  • Outdoor Movie Nights: Watch your favorite movies under the stars.
  • Art Exhibitions: Immerse yourself in the world of art with stunning exhibitions.
  • Fitness Workshops: Join our expert trainers for invigorating fitness sessions.
  • Food Festivals: Indulge in a gastronomic experience with a variety of delectable cuisines.
  • Kids' Fun Zone: Let your little ones enjoy a world of fun and excitement.
  • Craft Workshops: Unleash your creativity with engaging craft workshops.

With so much to offer, Weekends In the Park is your one-stop destination for entertainment, relaxation, and exploration. Whether you're a music lover, an art enthusiast, or simply looking for a great time, our July 2022 events will leave you with lasting memories.

Plan Your Visit

Plan your visit to Weekends In the Park and make the most of our July 2022 events. With a range of convenient amenities and comfortable facilities, we ensure a seamless experience for all our visitors.

Don't miss out on this incredible opportunity to witness the talents of Annabelle Dunstan and Lily Szymanksi. Reserve your spot now and get ready for a month filled with excitement, entertainment, and unforgettable moments. We can't wait to see you!

Brittany Stansberry
Can't wait for July! πŸŽ‰πŸŒ³ Let's enjoy the amazing performances by Annabelle Dunstan and Lily Szymanski! πŸŽΆπŸ’ƒ
Oct 16, 2023
Jeffrey Huettenmeyer
I've been waiting for a month filled with entertainment, and July with Annabelle and Lily looks perfect!
Jun 3, 2023
Lindsay Kaeding
Thrilled to have the opportunity to witness Annabelle and Lily's performances this July.
May 23, 2023
Paijoun Montannabronte
July is going to be a blast with Annabelle and Lily's incredible talents on display.
Dec 4, 2022
Rachel Unruh
I'm so excited for the July lineup! Can't wait to see Annabelle and Lily perform.
Nov 22, 2022
Kate Kiely
I'm ready for an amazing July with Annabelle and Lily bringing their talents to the park!
Nov 14, 2022
Paul Bruinewoud
The July events featuring Annabelle and Lily sound amazing! Definitely going to be there.
Jul 7, 2022
Roger Kim
Can't wait to be part of the incredible experiences with Annabelle and Lily this July!
Feb 3, 2021
Joe Cain
Looking forward to a month of fantastic entertainment in the park with Annabelle and Lily!
Dec 21, 2020
Victoria Chambers
The park events featuring Annabelle and Lily are a must-see. I'll be there for sure.
Dec 3, 2020
Yegor Yakovishen
I'm marking my calendar for all the July events with Annabelle and Lily. It's going to be epic!
Nov 10, 2020
Suzanne Errera
Wow, I've heard incredible things about Annabelle and Lily. Can't wait for their performances!
Dec 1, 2019
Katie Hart
The July events are going to be so much fun with Annabelle and Lily taking the stage!
Feb 26, 2019
Ken Sundwall
July is shaping up to be a month of pure joy with Annabelle and Lily's performances.
Oct 27, 2018
Monica Fannon
This July is going to be unforgettable with Annabelle and Lily leading the way.
Oct 16, 2018
Diane Schnell
Exciting lineup ahead with Annabelle and Lily! Count me in for all the fun.
Oct 10, 2018