Hairbangers Ball - Geneva

Dec 30, 2018

Welcome to Weekends In the Park - your go-to destination for exciting community and society events. Get ready to experience an unforgettable night in Geneva as we bring you the ultimate '80s rock tribute show, Hairbangers Ball!

Relive the '80s with Hairbangers Ball

If you're a fan of the iconic music from the 1980s, Hairbangers Ball is the must-see event of the year. This highly acclaimed rock tribute band transports you back in time with their authentic performances and high-energy shows. Whether you grew up with the music or discovered it later, Hairbangers Ball guarantees a night filled with nostalgia, incredible energy, and non-stop entertainment.

Unleash Your Inner Rocker

Get ready to rock out as Hairbangers Ball takes the stage at Weekends In the Park. With their spot-on renditions of '80s rock anthems, you'll have no choice but to sing along and dance to the infectious beats. Prepare for a night of air guitar solos, banging heads, and fist-pumping energy that will leave you breathless.

A Night Filled with Classic Hits

From hair metal giants like Bon Jovi and Def Leppard to legendary bands like Guns N' Roses and Van Halen, Hairbangers Ball covers all the greatest hits from the '80s. Sing along to favorites such as "Livin' on a Prayer," "Pour Some Sugar on Me," "Sweet Child o' Mine," and "Jump" with a crowd of fellow rock enthusiasts.

Experience the Energy and Excitement

When Hairbangers Ball takes the stage, prepare to be blown away by their incredible stage presence and magnetic personalities. This talented group of musicians provides an atmosphere unlike any other, immersing you in the spirit of the '80s for a few unforgettable hours. Let the music ignite your soul and create memories that will last a lifetime.

Join Us for Hairbangers Ball - Geneva

Weekends In the Park is proud to present Hairbangers Ball - Geneva, an event that promises to deliver an unforgettable night of rock 'n' roll. Don't miss this opportunity to witness one of the best tribute bands in action, paying homage to the music that defined an era. Gather your friends, family, and fellow music lovers for a sensational night under the stars.

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Journey Back to the '80s with Weekends In the Park

Weekends In the Park is committed to bringing exceptional events to the community. From live music performances to engaging cultural festivals, we strive to create experiences that resonate with people of all ages and backgrounds. Join us for Hairbangers Ball - Geneva and let us transport you back to the magical era of '80s rock.

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Howard Reich
Rock on! 🤘
Oct 15, 2023
Jim Zisser
This show is going to be totally rad. Can't wait to relive the '80s music scene! 🤘
Sep 28, 2021
Jeff Reebie
I've been waiting for an event like this! Thank you for bringing Hairbangers Ball to Geneva!
Jan 24, 2021
Ryan Vancil
I've heard great things about Hairbangers Ball. Excited to experience it for myself!
Aug 31, 2020
Beth Schachtman
My friends and I are all geared up for Hairbangers Ball. It's going to be wild!
Aug 21, 2020
Rick Dinkel
Hairbangers Ball is the perfect way to transport back to the '80s. Can't wait for the nostalgia trip!
Aug 14, 2020
T Test
There's nothing like the energy of '80s rock. Hairbangers Ball is going to be electric!
Jul 17, 2020
Debbie Wilson
I can't wait to rock out at Hairbangers Ball! It's going to be a blast!
Oct 6, 2019
Christopher Ketron
Rock on! Hairbangers Ball is going to deliver an epic '80s rock experience.
Aug 5, 2019
Carangel Arizona
I'm looking forward to a night filled with amazing music and great vibes!
May 21, 2019
Ben Furtado
I love '80s rock music, so this event is right up my alley. Count me in!
Feb 6, 2019